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Our Services

FarmavitaR+ network is providing scope of services for life sciences industries, such us:


Providing localised services at the international level

  • Product development solutions

  • Regulatory Affairs – local and global

  • Quality Assurance Compliance and
    European QP for Batch Release

  • Local pricing and reimbursement solutions

  • European QP for Product Safety and
    local safety support

  • Due diligence and Dossier audits

  • Real world data acquisition and analytics

  • Big data analytics

  • Automation and artificial intelligence solutions

More info

We focus at medicinal products

  • Prescription reimbursed medicines (Rx)

  • Orphan drugs

  • Over the Counter medicines (OTC)

  • Biotech products

  • Generics, including niche generics

  • Herbals

  • Medical Devices and Medtech Application

  • Food Supplements, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

  • Biocides

  • Veterinary medicinal products

Currently we work with 40+ life science companies at 80+ international projects, across 20+ countries.
Contact us for larger international projects or visit MicroJobs site for small jobs and webinars.

Work with us

FarmavitaR+ Blog

Read articles written by consultants and experts from the international FarmavitaR+ network. 
Join the community and share your knowledge with others. 

All European Marketing Authorisation Holders are concerned by Nitrosamine Regulatory Actions

November 26th, 2019|FarmavitaR+ News|

There is serious workload expected from all marketing authorisation holders (MAH) in EU! Let’s see what is expected

Featured Events

FarmavitaR+ network is media partner for the selection of the leading professional events related to medicinal product development, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and product safety management.  Visit them and network with other expert colleagues.