Are You Free to Price Pharmaceuticals Products in South America?

On average, big pharmaceutical companies spend around 20% of their budget in research and development of new drugs. For smaller companies, the effort can be even higher, up to 50% of their budget is invested in R&D.

How to Detect Digital Health Scams?

How to Detect Digital Health Scams?

Have you heard about this?

The scam: Stealing more than $500,000 from buyers eager to acquire a miracle wearable.

The product: BioRing, a device that was supposed to do everything from measuring caloric intake to tracking sleep.

How they did it: Creating a carefully coordinated public relations campaign that earned it coverage in numerous publications, including Forbes. Using social proof and social engineering to lower buyers' defenses and earn their trust (and money).

The lesson: Digital health scams are rising. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim.


Are you wondering about ethical boundaries of advertising and promotion of medical products?

Ethical Advertising of Medicinal Products

The EFPIA HCP Code covers all methods of promotion including, but not limited to, oral and written promotional activities and communications, journal and direct mail advertising, the activities of Medical Sales Representatives, the use of internet and other electronic communications, the use of audio-visual systems such as films, video recordings, data storage services and the like, and the provision of samples, gifts and hospitality. However, compince with EFPIA HCP Code is not sufficent, becuse every country have special local regulations about ethical advertising of medicinal procuts. FarmavitaR+ International Network covers about 90 countries and is providing reviuwe of local compiance with advertasing legislation.  More info at  service page about Ethical Pharmaceutical Promotion and Communications

Global Digital Health Engagement Solutions from Aptus Health

Physicians Interactive today announced that it has become Aptus Health, reflecting its mission of advancing health engagement and its role as a global digital heath engagement partner for life sciences companies, payers, employers, and health systems. Change reflects the company’s evolution to a strategic partner, delivering data-driven digital and mobile health engagement campaigns that empower better decisions and drive business results. The change comes as the company extends into new markets and expands its offerings to address a growing need for integrated digital health engagement strategies aimed at both healthcare professionals and consumers.