Conference: 14th - 15th September, 2020 (Toronto, Canada)


PHARMA COLLOQUIUM 2020 is an arena for interdisciplinary exchange among professionals in the fields of pharmaceutical technology and its related aspects. Pharma Colloquium 2020 incorporates about each stage of information, advancement, innovation and organizing; and has a target of making a worldwide gathering for academicians, specialists and business experts to discuss the soundest issues related to pharma, Biotech and Health Care.

Conference: 03th - 04th June, 2020 (London, UK)

Pharmacovigilance World 2020

The Pharmacovigilance World 2020 conference will provide a platform for the participants to discuss, share and stay updated with present state of affairs in Pharmacovigilance and Drug safety, and contribute to the public health. It will also allow all its participants to interact with the experts, discuss the various developments, challenges faced and innovations in the field.

Conference: 13th - 14th May, 2020 (London, UK)

4th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 

The 4th Annual Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2020 conference brings with it even more interactive sessions, expert speakers, senior professionals and decision makers from leading pharma, bio-tech and healthcare industry. Meet the decision makers, benchmark and learn from real-life use cases to drive organizational change and to understand the new cutting-edge technologies and practical solutions.

Conference: 13th - 14th May, 2020 (London, UK)

4th Annual Global Clinical Trials Connect 2020

The 4th Annual Global Clinical Trials Connect 2020 will provide a platform to discuss on the futuristic advancements in clinical trials and clinical research. This multidisciplinary program involves broad participation of people from clinical trials community from around the globe who are focused on learning more about clinical research, clinical trials planning and management.

Conference: 16th - 17th March, 2020 (London, UK)
Workshop: 18th March, 2020 (London, UK)

AI in Drug Discovery 

 The presence of AI in drug discovery is tangible with the majority of drug discovery scientist already working with AI-enabled platforms using machine learning and deep learning, neural networks and natural language processing.

Conference: 15th - 16th January, 2020 (London, UK)
Workshop: 14th January,  2020 (London, UK)

Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Drug Devices 

This two-day agenda offers you peer-to-peer networking with Global Product Managers, Senior PFS Engineers, Device Testing Managers, Heads of Late-Stage PFS Development and many more.

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