Set up of GMP and validation of API manufacturing facility Project Details

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Budget (EUR)
€0 - €1,000 / hr

Project Description:

Several contractors are required at the project in Vietnam. Project is related to development and start up of API manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Tasks are related to:
- set up of QA system for new API manufacturing facility
- preparing validation master plan
- preparing documentation and managing of qualification of installations
- preparing documentation and managing of performance qualifications
- preparing documentation and managing of manufacture of validation batches
- preparing documentation and managing of validation of analytical methods
- preparation of other SOPs

Please provide following information at your bid:
- your hourly or daily fee
- are you available for work at manufacturing site in Vietnam or only for remote support via Internet
- your CV

Hours of work:

8 hour(s) per Day

Project Duration:

6 Months - 2 Years

Skills Required:


Singapore » Asia

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