The Patient Experience: The Direct Path to Better Clinical Outcomes - Recorded Webinar

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Webinar Duration: 60 minutes

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SPEAKER: Susan E. Mazer

If your current position requires that you engage directly with patients, that you respond or are responsible for HCAHPS outcomes, or you work with direct caregivers, this presentation will give you vital tools to optimize your own skills.We will look at the HCAHPS survey through systems thinking to make sense of how the questions influence each other. And, we will look at paths to improvement that are effective and sustainable over time.

Why should you Attend: The Patient Experience (PX) is the current driver of all healthcare dollars and decisions. However, given the push for evidence-based practice and the preference for quantitative data, there is a tendency for clinicians to set aside the actual weight of the PX patient outcomes. Studies have shown that the meaning patients attribute to all aspects of their health is a pre-determinant in their health outcome.

It determines how patients respond to their treatment, their pain tolerance, and their short and long-term prognosis. If you interact directly with patients, families, or those who care for them, this webinar will provide the context for the patient experience as a clinical determinant, as well as strategies for your own participation within and beyond the role you play.

Areas Covered in the Session:
- The Mission of HealthCare: A plaque on the wall or a Promise?
- History of Hospitals for Dummies
- The Human Experience as the Real Measure of Outcomes
- Why the Experience matters in long term health
- Making Operational the Optimal Patient Experience
- Summary
- Questions

Who Will Benefit:
- Clinicians
- Administrators
- Anyone Working in Healthcare Today

Susan E. Mazer is the President/CEO, and co-founder of Healing HealthCare Systems, Inc. She is an author, educator, and speaker on in the areas of patient privacy, hospital noise management, operationalization of the healing environment at the bedside. Developed educational programs and facilitated, establishing the role of the environment of care as a defined skill set for nurses; Brought the issue of hospital noise to the forefront of hospital concern through designing accredited educational programs for nurses and presenting at state and national conferences. Focused on hospital noise and auditory environment, its impact, methods for sustainable improvement, and, as a by-product, speech privacy. She has been a speaker for the HIPAA Symposium and Privacy Summit, The Quality Colloquium, Press-Ganey Annual Conference on Patient Satisfaction, Health Design, Health Facilities Symposium and Exposition, among others. Her presentations are engaging, informational, and developed to motivate active change that improves care at the bedside. Her papers on noise improvement, patient privacy, age-related hearing impairment, quality improvement have been published in major industry journals. Her educational background includes a MA from Stanford University, MA in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, and this fall, 2011, she will have completed her doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems. Healing HealthCare Systems produces the C.A.R.E. Channel, the only 24-hour evidence-based relaxation content available for hospital television, now serving over 600 hospitals nationally.

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