Data Breaches and HIPAA a Look at the Most Common Types of Data Breaches, how to Avoid them and Comply with HIPAA - Recorded Webinar

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Webinar Duration: 60 minutes

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SPEAKER: Dr. Larry Emmott

HIPAA compliance consists largely of having the right forms and signatures. On the other hand paperwork will not protect you or your patients from the the most common kinds of data breaches.

Learn important real world measures dentists should be taking that can make an actual difference in patient data security, including the one and only procedure you need to protect your practice from data breach (your "get out of jail free" card). This is an entertaining, must see presentation from Dr. Larry Emmott the nation's leading high tech dentist. There will be something for both the beginner and the high tech power user all delivered in a fun and easy to understand style.

Why should you Attend: It seems that we hear of a new data breach or hack almost every day. Cyber criminals are now targeting medical dental facilities.

Data security and HIPAA compliance are huge issues. HIPAA fines in the millions of dollars have been levied against medical dental offices as a result of a data breach. As a dental professional you have a moral and legal obligation to protect your patient's confidentiality.

Areas Covered in the Session:
- Data Breaches in Dentistry
- Trends and Causes of Data Breaches
- HIPAA Breach Compliance
- Prevention and Mitigation

Who Will Benefit:
- Dentists
- Dental Office Managers
- Dental Security Officers
- Dental Staff Members
- Dental Consultants

Dr. Larry Emmott is one of the most entertaining speakers in dentistry.His high energy programs provide the tools needed to make wise technological decisions, saving time and thousands of dollars.

Recognized as a leading dental high tech authority in the country he is a “Certified HIPAA Security Professional” with over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist Dr. Emmott has addressed hundreds of professional groups and has been a featured speaker at every major US dental meeting. He has been published hundreds of times in leading national dental magazines and journals. He was a pioneer in online publishing with his blog

Dr. Emmott is a featured contributor to the new ADA book Expert Business Strategies and has published three high tech guides for dentists. Dr. Larry Emmott’s mission is to help dentists make good technology choices.

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