HIPAA Data Breach Action: What to do when you Suspect a Data Breach - Recorded Webinar

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Webinar Duration: 60 minutes

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SPEAKER: John Brewer

Understanding each step that must be accomplished from discovery of a breach (or suspected breach) all the way to resolution. This will detail all of the requirements from CFR 164.400 through 164.414.

Data breaches come in many different forms. From the simplest like accidentally faxing patient information to the wrong place or someone sending an email with PHI to the more complicated like an unencrypted laptop being lost or stolen. Also trending up these days are the variety of ransomware attacks.

Do you know the first two steps to take should you suspect a data breach?
Does anyone in your office know?
How do you answer a patient's attorney without this basic knowledge?
Whether you are certain there has been a data breach or merely have a bad feeling about something, you need to know the exact steps that must be taken to ensure your business is protected.
If you do not know the steps to follow you risk wasting weeks of your time and potentially plenty of attorney fees.

This webinar will, among other things, cover 2 real-world examples of data breaches and the simplest, most efficient way to deal with them. Additionally, we will cover the number one highest occurrence data breach and how to quickly and effectively defend against this frequent issue.

Why should you Attend: The uncertainty of all the steps that must be accomplished IF there is a data breach.

A patient accuses you of a PHI breach, your practice has lost a laptop or thumb drive that might have PHI on it or simply, you think possibly you may have a data breach but aren't sure of what you need to do next.

Areas Covered in the Session:
- Understanding what exactly is a PHI Data Breach
- Safe Harbors, the Easiest Solution most People don't Apply
- How many Days you have to Notify Patients of a Breach
- What the Magic Number "500" Means to you
- What must be done with a Data Breach by a Business Associate

Who Will Benefit:
- All Positions can Benefit with Added focus for HIPAA Security Office
- Practice Manager
- Business Associates

John Brewer is a former Air Force Computer Security Officer and Pilot. He founded a medical information technology firm that has transitioned to HIPAA compliance. His unique background in technology and experience in dealing with government regulations have given him the edge in HIPAA implementation and training. Med Tech USA, LLC takes the complicated volumes of HIPAA regulations and breaks them down into simple to understand nuggets.

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