The meeting Agenda has been substantially expanded to include AI for genomics, single-cell analysis and target validation, AI for predicting patient response, AI impacting clinical trials, AI for imaging, AI for cancer immunotherapy and neurodegenerative diseases, clinical informatics, data integration, management and storage, digital therapeutics, wearables and sensors.

“A good overview of what other pharmaceutical companies are doing with respect to data management, AI etc. in research”
“Information from those developing and implementing data management systems”
“The fact this was a scientific rather than very commercial conference”
“The ability to network was very important. the program provided ample time for that”

Once again this hugely successful senior-level R&D event will be co-located with the 5th Medicinal Chemistry and Protein Degradation Summit, which also explores machine learning and AI in Drug Discovery and the special one-day symposium on Cannabinoid Drug Discovery which will explore in detail the latest drug discovery developments from leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies targeting the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and creating a new class of regulated therapeutics.

Key benefits

The 2019 programme was designed to create a collaborative environment in which attendees engaged with the speakers, sponsors and other delegates in attendance.

  • Discovering state-of-the-art algorithms and models for drug discovery
  • Getting insights on AI and ML for target discovery
  • Exploring the advances in AI and quantum computing for drug discovery
  • Learning how others are utilizing AI and ML to design next-generation compounds and leads
  • Understanding data integration, analysis and knowledge discovery
  • Discovering strategies for integrating blockchain for AI and ML in drug discovery
  • Exploring how to harness data for chemoinformatics and biological models
  • Investigating next-generation data visualizing and reporting
  • Plus, many joined us at the gala dinner for a convivial evening on the first day of the meeting

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