FarmavitaR+ is not only platform for on-line hiring of consultants, experts and freelances. We are also “one-stop-shop” for complex international projects.  To manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutucals and medical devices, we offer “one-stop-shop” service across the 90+ countries worldwide.

Our carefully selected team of local associates communicate daily with national regulators and payers at those matkets. This is the core of our business.

We manage carefully selected network of local regulatory and market access associates. Our scope of service includes all key elements required for successful start and expansion of businesses at the European market. Some examples of our European services are :

· Obtaining of EU GMP certificate for a manufacturing facilities located outside European Union

· Compilation of EU eCTD Dossier and management through the product life-cycle

· Obtaining of EU Marketing Authorization at any European member state

· Import, warehousing and European batch release

· European pharmacovigilance system

· Pricing and reimbursement procedures with health insurance companies in all European member states

· Facilitating of out-licensing of a products to local manufacturers or distributors

– Strategic advisory about portfolio management.

Similar scope of services we offer for other markets such as:  USA,  Japan,  China, India, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia and many other markets.

We appreciate your consideration and hope to discuss the the potential cooperation in more details.  Do not hesitate to contact us at