Last month I have been speaking at international conference about Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management. We have tried to bridge the gap between sales and regulatory requirements.

Presentation was about:

  • Impact of regulatory and pharmacovigilance requirements on the digital marketing and the communication direct to patients.
  • How to cope with regulatory requirements?
  • Solutions for improvement of adherence and satisfaction of chronic patients
  • Ways for effective use of MedApps for networking of industry with major stakeholders (HCP’s, patients and payers)
  •  Tools for monitoring of real life outcomes of medicines

Presentation was well accepted by the audience. Actual presentation is attached to the article, see below.

We are already involved in project of development of “lab-on-chip” device for monitoring of critical biomarkers for patients with autoimmune disorders. Project related to development of MedApp for better adherence to emollient cream was developed and delivered by another Regulanet member.

We suppose that your company may be also interested in similar projects aimed for better adherence and customer satisfaction. If your company is interested, then we would be happy to provide the on-site workshop or webinar about this topic. This workshop would be competently free of charge and without any obligation for your company. It is just part of our usual care for key clients. Please let me know if someone from your company is interested to discuss this opportunity with us?