FarmavitaR+ brings you a short description of herbal medical products registration procedure in the Republic of Albania.

The whole 4 pages article is available for download at Downloads section of Farmavitar.Net

This regulation shall be applied:

  • For the traditional medical plant products.
  • For traditional not-plant substances which are used in products that have medical use such as
  1. Fish oils
  2. Bee milk or other insects products, Bacterial products such as acidophilus/ acidobifidus/lactobacillus and other bacterial products
  3. Other
  • For the combinations of traditional plant substances or the combinations of non-plant traditional substances as well as the use of other non-plant and not traditional substances [e.g. vitamins/minerals which go under the dosage that defines them as medical products and are subject to the pharmaceutical legislation], in the cases when the main active ingredient of this product is a traditional plant product or a traditional non-plant product.

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