As you all knew, at the end of July 2016, Turkey has suffered a failed coup attempt.   After that the government took some serious even excessive measures to clean the putschist or anyone related to these people from the state agencies. Around 80,000 personnel, working at the different agencies of the State were either fired or suspended. At the Ministry of Health, 115 senior director, 1504 physician, total 5581 personnel have been removed from duty.

However, according to opinion of FarmavitaR Associate from Ankara this has little impact on the processes and procedures at the Ministry of Health and the Agency. Of course, there are some anxiety and concern in the Agency staff and the people is a bit depressed, but the positions have been already replaced with new personnel and the regulatory procedures are ongoing, as usual.

Just a couple of weeks before the coup attempt, the minister of Health has changed and the previous Minister Recep AKDAĞ has returned back to his Minister position again. As you may know, he was the main person behind The Turkey’s Health Transition project and did a very good job at his previous period as a Minister of Health. He knows the Health system and the sector in Turkey very well and everybody is hopeful that the things get better with him.

With this coup attempt, some people may think that the Turkey’s economy will suffer.  The government has a solid hand on this issue and controlling the economic environment strictly to make sure nothing bad will happen and take steps to improve the economy and support foreign investment.

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During the last decade, Turkey has prioritized the modernization and improvement of the healthcare industry, establishing universal public healthcare, improving access to healthcare providers across the country and transforming the structure of the healthcare system by giving the private sector an integral role in the provision of healthcare services.

Today, the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey is positioned to develop into a major regional hub for the global pharmaceutical business and achieving significant growth in this sector is a national objective as a part of Turkey’s Vision 2023 that is developed for the centenary of the Republic of Turkey. Coordination and collaboration between all stakeholders, including government, the Turkish healthcare industry and global big pharma will help us to improve Turkey’s competitiveness globally and to secure a leadership position in its region. If you want to learn more about pharmaceutical industry in Turkey, click here to download free country report